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Outperforming crisis

Forty business people, companies and organizations were awarded by the BH and SEE Top Manager Selection Agency in Sarajevo on July 2, at a ceremony attended by diplomatic representatives and representatives of institutions in BH and companies from around 20 countries.

The Zenica-based Agency made a selection among 2,326 nominees. In the category of "Business Super-Champion", awards were presented to Philip Zepter of Zepter, Uwe Heider of German WSK, Branislav Grujic of Swiss PSP Pharman Holding, Tomislav Antunovic of Croatian Antunovic Holding, roman Glaser of Slovenian Perutnina Ptuj and Dzemail Vlahovljak of Sarajevo-based Energoinvest.

The SEE Business Champions are Gregor Bencin of Slovenian Jelovica, BH's honorary consul and business in Turkey - Ahmet Kemal Baysuk, Ismet Kasum of Czech Kasumex, Atanas Daskalov of Bulgarian SF ADI 21 Company and Velia Ramkovski of Macedonian A1.

As in the previous years, awards were also presented to people and organizations outside the world of business who contributed to its development.
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